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SingleSource is a company that is truly committed to supporting and strengthening the sustainability initiatives of your organization. As specialists in designing and installing environmentally responsible commercial and industrial roofing and rooftop-mounted Photovoltaic Arrays (PV), we are uniquely qualified to address every facet of your rooftop asset management program. Building on our solid tradition of providing the best roofing solutions and outstanding values, we specialize in roofing installation or repair, PV system design, PV equipment specification and installation, and ongoing maintenance of all your rooftop assets.

When you partner with SingleSource, you deal directly with an organization that is committed to developing long-term environmentally sustainable relationships. We focus on finding efficient, effective ways to enhance the quality, performance and lifespan of your roofing systems, implementing leading, world-class quality and product improvement systems to ensure exceptional workmanship on every job, enhancing the development, installation and maintenance of reliable, rooftop-mounted solar energy systems – both today and tomorrow. Discover how SingleSource can bring you the power to make a difference!

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Single Source Roofing will monitor your roof continuously & maintain a detailed history, so we have fast, accurate access to your roof's life story.
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