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Single Ply

Single Ply

Roofing’s most advanced proven and resilient single-ply membrane, Ultra-NP is the most successful fastener technology ever patented. Since its invention, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) has proven to be the most resilient and cost effective roofing membrane available. With unmatchable reslience against the harshest elements nature can bring – Rain or snow, in blistering heat or freezing cold as well as the harsh damages of UV Rays and pollution Single Sources EPDM is the most trusted, protective membrane ever created.

Factors used to determine the best Single Source commercial roofing solutions include:
  • Climate and environmental elements
  • Building specifications
  • SingleSource roofing standards in material strength; from standard 45 mil to heavy-duty 60 mil EPDA membranes.
Fasteners create a lasting bond between Single Source and it’s Customers
  • SingleSource Roofing’s Ultra-NP (Universal Low Tension Roofing Assembly) is a non-penetrating® fastening system – patented to protect your roof and your smart investment.
  • Exclusive Low-profile, low-stress and high-impact base plate
  • Patented non-penetrating retainer and looking clip
  • Watertight fasteners assembly – no tape, caulking, adhesive or sealants.
  • Anti-backout threadlock fastener
  • Exceptional performance
  • UVA, ozone, thermal shock and pollutant resistant.

Eliminating a leak stops the problem! SingleSource determines and creates each single ply roof solution to meet your specifications based on your custom designs before we install it. Single Source can create up to 20,000 square feet of field seam-free membrane all at once. The less seams, the stronger the membrane.

Materials are thoroughly inspected before deliver and our Ultra-NP technology reduces up to 90% of all field seams usually needed by weaker seam attached roofing systems – less is more! Less stress on the membrane, less reliance on glues, tapes, sealants, caulking and other field-applied products assures fewer pressure points. Making your investment a much higher, smarter return on your roofing dollars. Smarter investments in higher quality SingleSource Single Ply products mean less maintenance.

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