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Your First Response Team For Storm Damage Repair

Disasters strike fast. But even when the worst happens, a partner like SingleSource Roofing can provide the fast response you need to help you get out of the weather and back in business faster.

If your roof is damaged by a storm, our Storm Emergency Roof Response Team (SERRT) program can be a real business saver. Originally designed for our top clients, we’re now expanding the SERRT program to share its benefits more widely. When you sign on with us, we’ll go to work for you immediately, assessing the risk exposure of your buildings’ locations and making proactive plans that ensure we’re ready to respond quickly to any problems.

We’ll Be There Almost Before The Storm Is Over

SingleSource Roofing tracks major predictable storms from the SERRT Mission Control Center in our headquarters, checking to see if they will affect our clients. Based on these predictions, our highly-trained Disaster Response Specialists will be dispatched to your site – in some cases, even before the storm actually strikes. We’ll arrive with fuel, electric generators, roofing materials, and the personnel to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll get things cleaned up, and then our team will make a quick accurate assessment of the damage to your roof. Using our patented system – NOT tarps and plastic sheeting – we’ll make temporary roof repairs to get your property dried out and back in business fast.

Put Your Trust In A National Industry Leader

SingleSource Roofing’s national coverage enables us to provide fast, appropriate responses to assess and repair your roofs, no matter where in the USA your properties are located. It also allows us to respond more quickly to your needs than local roofing contractors whose homes and businesses may also have been damaged by the same storms that hit you.

SingleSource Roofing’s personnel are knowledgeable, well-trained, and know how to get your building dried out quickly, minimizing business disruptions – and helping to prevent destructive mold from getting a foothold in your property. You could even save on insurance premiums by notifying your carrier that you’re enrolled in a program providing coverage to help limit post-storm damage to your building, its contents, and your revenue stream. And SingleSource Roofing stands firmly behind our emergency repair work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sign Up Today - It Could Save Your Business.

No other company in the roofing industry offers anything like our SERRT program. SingleSource Roofing’s SERRT program is the most cost-effective storm protection you can get for your business. So get a jump on the next storm season and call us today for complete details on how we can help you prepare for the worst – and help you get back in business faster if the worst DOES occur.

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